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How Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme is a winner for people & planet

Prom Coast Ecolink

23 Feb 2024

Donate your recycling money to Prom Coast Ecolink and help us accelerate Biodiversity efforts in the Prom Area!

How you can donate your recycling money to Prom Coast Ecolink in a few easy steps!

  1. After you've fed your bottles and cans to the machine, it will show you your total value.

  2. To donate your money to Prom Coast Ecolink, there are two options available depending on the depot:

  3. Option 1: click 'Donations' and find 'Prom Coast Ecolink' (you might have to type it in.

  4. Option 2: click on 'Enter Scheme ID and enter Prom Coast Ecolink's Scheme ID: C2000009186

  5. Voila, your money has been donated to us and we can further improve biodiversity efforts in the Prom Area. YAYYY! Thanks so much legend!!

As we don't expect you to memorise our Scheme ID, we thought you could simply add us to your phone book with a cute little koala profile pic like shown below... :-)

That way you've got our email and socials only a click away, but also the code when returning your bottles and cans!

Thanks for looking after the environment by recycling and donating to us!

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