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Bee Buzz : Citizen Science Event at Dividing Creek Farm

Prom Coast Ecolink

17 Mar 2024

Our exclusive tour of this state-of-the-art ecologically and economically successful honey farm in Fish Creek

We spent a morning with Matt Petersen on his environmentally and economically successful Dividing Creek Farm in Fish Creek, touching on some of the aspects of commercial beekeeping, honey harvesting and regenerative farming.


The 400 acre farm is at least half bush and runs 350 head of cattle. Matt has been keeping bees there since he was 8.


Matt shared a portion of his infinite wisdom on keeping bees as livestock in this specialised sector of agriculture. Matt is a figure who straddles the worlds of commercial farming and environmentalism, an incredibly insightful and important position to hold while advocating for biodiversity strengthening in South Gippsland.


The off-grid 'honey gate' at Dividing Creek Farm Honey is as much a place to buy honey and see how hives and extraction work, as it is a place of generous knowledge sharing, education and sheer passion. Thanks Matt!

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