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Anda testing the best route for Hoddle Flora Reserve walk

Prom Coast Ecolink

7 Sept 2023

Anda went out to test the route and ground for our upcoming discovery walk.

Hoddle Flora Reserve Discovery Walk

Join ecologist Tim Bowler on a discovery walk through the Hoddle Flora Reserve. This hidden gem lies nestled between remnant vegetation and farmland in the heart of the Hoddle Range, just out of Fish Creek. Its soaring eucalypts and tree ferns, spectacular grass trees and multitude of orchid species are home to a host of birds and animals.

Tim has recently completed a Flora and Fauna Assessment Report for us on the reserve and will be pointing out the highlights on the way. Tim will also give us information on the impacts and control of weeds and feral animals.

This free event is supported by Parks Vic through their Volunteering Innovations Fund.

When: 8:30am - 2pm,  7 October 2023 (back-up 23 October if the weather dictates!)

Where: Hoddle Range Flora Reserve (assembly point and details on registration)

What to bring: Sturdy footwear and clothes suitable for hiking through very steep terrain; hat & sunscreen; your own snacks, lunch and water

Fitness level: Moderate. The walk will be around 4km, but not on made walking tracks. We will be following animal trails on varying terrain, some quite steep. Any questions, please contact Anda on 0409 180 346.

Register: via our website or via ParkConnect

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